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The Truth About Acne

Treating acne has become big business in the medical and beauty industries. Everyday online there are hundreds and thousands of people who look for a solution to bad skin and preventing acne outbreaks.

It is also not just these industries that are looking to make money off of you and your problem – there are a lot of others on the internet as well. And, as we know with the internet, content is king – give the people stuff they want to read about and they will visit your site allowing you to make money.

Acne is one of the top topics to use as content – a lot of people suffer with it and there is a lot of info to be had out there – some good and some not.

You, however, want to zone in only on the good advice. This is easier said that done. How do you figure out whether or not the article is a good piece of research or a piece of drivel?

Sometimes it is easier to spot the not. These sites will be full of advertising and will offer the minimum amount of information to get you there.

This is not true of all rubbish sites though so you need to carefully vet a site until you find one that works.

Check the quality of the writing – the grammar, if there are any typos, etc. Whilst it is true that not everyone has English as their first language, word processing programs do take a lot of the guesswork out of spelling an grammer. It is not that hard to get it right.

What about the person who has written the article? Are they an acknowledged and known expert or just Jo Bloggs?

If the person is reputable, they will want to improve their reputation online and so will write well and give sources that were used to compile the work.

Someone who is just looking to fill a page, will not bother with all of that and you will see signs of this both on the site and in the quality of the information.

Typically when writing content for online media, you need to have at least a four hundred word article – what for fillers and fluff – a sure sign of an amateur.

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